Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Be careful What You Say

A Story in a Nutshell: "Lord take me home" cried the the man after dropping a heavy load of wood. The death angel immediately appeared "You asked for me?" The man replied "Yes, I need your help putting this load back on my shoulders!"
Moral: We don't always mean what we say.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasures

Each week a poor man would ride his camel to the same stream to drink. The camel would move the pebbles in the stream around to make a deeper place to drink. The poor man would pick up the stones and take them home with him.  One day a traveler convinced the poor man to sell his farm and seek the riches of the city. The man wandered the earth searching for riches but dies in rags and in poverty. The man who bought his farm found the stones the poor man left and preserved them.  A merchant came to his home one day and told the man the stones were in fact diamonds.  The owner immediately became a millionaire.  The first man had great wealth but sold it unaware of its value, and spent his whole life looking for what he already had.  The second man made use of what he had.  Moral: Your life is a treasure, how will you respond to it.