Friday, May 20, 2011

Jack and the Magic Purse

Jack leaves home to seek his fortune. His mom gives him a book to help him on his way. Jack meets a mysterious man who gives him a magic coin purse in exchange for a favor in the future. The coin purse doubles what ever money that is placed inside. Two coins go in, four coins come out. Four coins go in eight coins come out. In not time at all Jack was a rich man. Years later the the mysterious man returns and call on Jack for that favor.  He was the Devil and needed Jack to feed his evil imps for eternity. In a snap, Jack was looking down a long row with cages on both sides. Evil little demons were in each one, and they were hissing, clawing, spitting as Jack had to clean the cages. One day Jack was so tired that he sat down to rest. He sat on that book his mom gave him years ago. Jack never read it but he always kept it in his back pocket. He read the title H-O-L-Y Bib.... Bib... Bib...le  Holy Bib..le. As he read the imps began to come down and listen. Soon they were so well behaved he opened up thee cages, and they set around Jack as he read. The Devil returned and was so angry that Jack had given his imps religon he cast him back on earth. Jack lived out the rest of his days reading the Holy Bib..le every day. Moral: God is an ever present help in time of trouble.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taro and the Box of Life

Taro a handsome fisherman saved a beautiful turtle from some mischievous children. The next day a great turtle took him to meet the King of the Sea in his Dragon Palace. The King thanked him for saving his daughter who had turned herself into a turtle to visit the surface. The King gave his daughter to Taro in marriage. After three days Taro began to think of home and his family. He told his wife of his plan to return home to visit. She gave hime a small box, warning him not to open it, if he wanted to return to her. Taro was shocked to see his home had changed so much in three days. Soon he discovered three days in the water kingdom was 300 years on the surface. Sad, Taro forgot his promise to his wife and opened the box. A puff of smoke came out and instantly he was an old shaky man with white hair and beard. Inside the box contained his life. Then he heard the sad voice of his beloved from the sea, saying goodbye.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bre'r Rabbit and the Round of Cheese

 Bre'r Fox caught  Bre'r Rabbit. The Rabbit told Fox about a big round of cheese he would share with him. It was deep in a well and he needed help getting it out. Fox loved cheese and agrred to spare Rabbit's life in exchange for the cheese.  Fox lowered Rabbit in the bucket, but Rabbit couldn't reach it. Fox saw the big round of cheese and he jumped in the other bucket letting Rabbit lower him down. Fox headed down and Rabbit headed up.  When Rabbit was at the top, Fox realized he had been tricked. That round of cheese turned out to be the moon. Rabbit left Fox in the well. Moral: everything yellow ain't cheese.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Woodcutter from Gura

A woodcutter from Gura goes to cut wood for his family. As he cuts a branch he is sitting on, a priest warns him that he will fall and die. The woodcutter ignores him. A short time later the branch breaks and he falls. Believing that he is dead he doesn't move. People find his body and carry him home. Along the way he gives them directions to his home. His friends gather and argue about the facts of the woodcutter's death. With so much confusion at home, the woodcutter takes his ax and goes to cut wood. Watching the woodcutter walk away his friends remark "Even in death he only thinks about his family.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Golden Wall

A very rich man, had more corn than he knew what to do with. He asked his advisors what he should do with the excess. "Give it to the poor", "Sell it", "Lend it to farmers for spring farming" they suggested. To all the advice the man said "NO!" He took the corn and had it ground into flour, and the flour into bricks, and built a wall around his home. He would sit on his wall talk down to people to came to see him.  After several years of bad crops, the man's wealth was gone and so were his workers. Hungry, he scraped flour off his wall to eat. He did this until the wall was gone.  He went to see a great king who gave him several bags of corn to replant his fields. But he ate all the corn. He spent the rest of his life lonely and hungry. Moral: Invest your wealth in people not walls.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shall We Gather at the River!

A preacher preached one Sunday morning on the evils of alcohol. "If I could I would throw all the whiskey, beer, wine and any other alcohol in the river." the Deacon shouted "A-A-Amen! Preach It". After the message the Deacon got up and said "Let us sing "Shall We Gather At The River". Moral: From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks