Friday, May 20, 2011

Jack and the Magic Purse

Jack leaves home to seek his fortune. His mom gives him a book to help him on his way. Jack meets a mysterious man who gives him a magic coin purse in exchange for a favor in the future. The coin purse doubles what ever money that is placed inside. Two coins go in, four coins come out. Four coins go in eight coins come out. In not time at all Jack was a rich man. Years later the the mysterious man returns and call on Jack for that favor.  He was the Devil and needed Jack to feed his evil imps for eternity. In a snap, Jack was looking down a long row with cages on both sides. Evil little demons were in each one, and they were hissing, clawing, spitting as Jack had to clean the cages. One day Jack was so tired that he sat down to rest. He sat on that book his mom gave him years ago. Jack never read it but he always kept it in his back pocket. He read the title H-O-L-Y Bib.... Bib... Bib...le  Holy Bib..le. As he read the imps began to come down and listen. Soon they were so well behaved he opened up thee cages, and they set around Jack as he read. The Devil returned and was so angry that Jack had given his imps religon he cast him back on earth. Jack lived out the rest of his days reading the Holy Bib..le every day. Moral: God is an ever present help in time of trouble.

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