Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Golden Wall

A very rich man, had more corn than he knew what to do with. He asked his advisors what he should do with the excess. "Give it to the poor", "Sell it", "Lend it to farmers for spring farming" they suggested. To all the advice the man said "NO!" He took the corn and had it ground into flour, and the flour into bricks, and built a wall around his home. He would sit on his wall talk down to people to came to see him.  After several years of bad crops, the man's wealth was gone and so were his workers. Hungry, he scraped flour off his wall to eat. He did this until the wall was gone.  He went to see a great king who gave him several bags of corn to replant his fields. But he ate all the corn. He spent the rest of his life lonely and hungry. Moral: Invest your wealth in people not walls.

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