Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taro and the Box of Life

Taro a handsome fisherman saved a beautiful turtle from some mischievous children. The next day a great turtle took him to meet the King of the Sea in his Dragon Palace. The King thanked him for saving his daughter who had turned herself into a turtle to visit the surface. The King gave his daughter to Taro in marriage. After three days Taro began to think of home and his family. He told his wife of his plan to return home to visit. She gave hime a small box, warning him not to open it, if he wanted to return to her. Taro was shocked to see his home had changed so much in three days. Soon he discovered three days in the water kingdom was 300 years on the surface. Sad, Taro forgot his promise to his wife and opened the box. A puff of smoke came out and instantly he was an old shaky man with white hair and beard. Inside the box contained his life. Then he heard the sad voice of his beloved from the sea, saying goodbye.

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