Monday, August 8, 2011

Ol' John out farms the Devil

The Devil forced Ol' John to plow his fields.  The Devil told Ol' John he could have what grew on the top of the ground and the Devil would take what grew under the ground.  Ol' John decided to plant wheat.  When harvest time come around, John cut his wheat, took it to market,and made lots of money.  The Devil took the roots to market but nobody would buy them, in fact they all laughed at him.  Next season, the Devil decided to out trick Ol' John and told him this time I will take what's grown above the ground and John had to take what's grown below.  To make sure he won, the devil was the first to harvest the tops of those plants and take them to market to sell. People laughed at the Devil so that he never came back to town again. You see this time John planted yams.  Ol' John never had problems out of the Devil again.  Moral: You reap what you sow.

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