Thursday, August 11, 2011

Python and Lizard

Python and Lizard were the best of friends. Lizard was the best singer in the village, and Python was the best dancer.  But they were equal drummers.  Drums were rare in ancient times and Python owned the only drum in the village.  So at festivals Python would drum and Lizard would sing. Then Lizard would drum and Python would dance. A visiting king heard Lizard drumming and invited him to come to his village and play for his birthday celebration.  The King didn't know the drum belonged to Python.  Lizard needed to borrow Python's drum, but he knew that Python wouldn't let him take the drum so far away.  So Lizard asked Python if he could use his drum to practice. Python let him borrow the drum.  Lizard was such a hit at the birthday celebration he was asked to stay two more weeks.  When Python went to get his drum from Lizard house, his wife told Python the truth about Lizard and the drum.  When Lizard returned he decided that the drum should belong to him and he was keeping the drum. When Python came for the drum Lizard climbed a tree and refused to give it back.   The branch of the tree broke sending both Lizard and the drum into the river. Quickly Python uses his tail to get the drum out of the water, and then he reaches out to save Lizard who cannot swim.  Python's powerful tail squeezed Lizard causing his eyes to bulge. The two made up, but Python never let Lizard borrow his drum again. From that day to this lizards have bulging eyes.

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