Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sammie The Shoeshine Man

Sammie the shoeshine man lived life day by day. He lived in a abandoned home, and made just enough money shining shoes to buy food for the day. He never had alot, but always had enough for today. He said God would take care of tomorrow. The police chief tested this belief by stopping him from shining shoes. So Sammie began picking up cans on the side of the highway. He made just enough for the day.  The police chief stopped him from picking up cans, and made him work for free as a guard.  He took the gun he was given and sold it at a pawn shop and bought food and a pocket knife and black paint. The next day the police chief made him guard a prisoner and told him to shout the prisoner if he tried to escape.  Soon the prisoner started to move.  Sammie took out his gun and said "If this man is guilty let this gun fire fast and true, but if he is innocent let this gun turn to wood."  Sammie looked at the gun with shock, and dropped it to the ground.  The wooden sound of the gun shocked the crowd. Amazed his resourcefulness, the Chief wanted to hire Sammie as an advisor. Sammie refused and went back to shining shoes. Moral: Quit worrying, trust God

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