Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Sweetest Love

A beautiful young woman came of marrying age. She had many suitors who came to win her heart, none of the men were successful.  Not far from the village lived a handsome red antelope, he had heard of the woman's beauty and decided he could use a wife.  As he was visiting the beautiful woman she asked him to get her some honey.  Quickly he found a beehive high in a tree.  He tried and tried but he could not jump high enough to reach it.  When he returned the woman was dissappointed and sent him away.  At the camp he told his friend a strong ape about the beautiful one.  The ape decided he could use a wife and and visited the beautiful woman.  During the visit she also asked him for some honey.  He quickly left and found the tree with the beehive and climbed up the tree.  But the honey was just beyond his reach.   He tried and tried but he could not climb high enough to reach it.  That night he returnd to the camp and also talked about the beautiful one. The tiny gentle mouse decided that he could use a wife.  Even though he was small, he visited the beautiful woman.  Before she even asked he offer to get her some honey.  Quickly he found the tree and climbed up bringing her honey.  All the villagers cheered when he returned with the jar of honey. She was so pleased, he won her heart.  Although the first two were handsome and strong, they did not do what was needed to win her heart. The tiny mouse met her needs and won her heart. Moral: true love is not measured beauty or strength but s desire to meet each others needs

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