Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Mamba and The Man

On a cold day a man passes a Black Mamba snake on the road who is too cold to move. The mamba asks the man to warm him inside his coat, next to his heart, with a promise not to bite the man. The man tells the frozen snake "No!  If I did you would bite me".  The mamba in this helpless state looked up at the man a promised he would never bite him.  "How could I harm the man that saved my life" replied the snake.  Moved with compassion the man agrees to help.  He picked up the snake and placed him inside his coat and shirt against his warm skin.  The mamba now warm, bites the man. Quickly he throws the snake to the ground.  Feelings the snake's venom about to take his life, he asks the snake "Why did you bite me, you promised not to."  The snake responded "Because that is what snakes do. You knew I was a snake when you helped me". . Moral: do not let a snake take advantage of the warmth if your heart.

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