Friday, September 2, 2011

A Runaway Love Story

Love has never been easy.  Many stuggled to find it, and even more struggled to keep it.  Perhaps there was no greater struggle for love than during slavery times. Afraid of being sold and separated from each other a slave couple made plans to be free. Ellen was fair skinned slave and could pass for white. Her love was a dark shinned man who as a master cabinet maker and also a slave. The two fell in love but Ellen couldn't stand the idea of giving birth to enslaved children. William was often hired out to make cabinets, and was allow to keep a small amount for himself.  He saved the money for the day the couple would run for freedom.  Because Ellen could pass for white, they cut her hair, and dressed her as a white gentleman.  William was his trusty servant. Using the money WIlliam saved they boarded a train to freedom. Pretending to be sick with one arm in a sling the other holding a cane, the southern gentleman requested his slave be allowed to stay close. The couple traveled from Macon, GA to Philadelphia, PA. Freedom! True story of William and Ellen Craft.

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