Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Rabbit's Thesis

Rabbit sat by a cave typing away on a typewriter.  Mr Fox walked by and asked "What you doing"?  Rabbit said "Working on my thesis". "What's it about?" asked Fox.  "How a rabbit can whoop any fox and have him for breakfast.". “That’s ridiculous ! Any fool knows that rabbits don’t eat foxes!"  "Come inside my cave and see."  Moments later Rabbit came out the cave chewing on a fox bone and wearing a new fox coat. Soon Mr. Alligator came walking by as Rabbit was typing away on his typewriter.  "What you doing?" asked the alligator.  "Working on my thesis" said Rabbit   "What's it about?" he asks. 'How a rabbit can whoop the pants off of any ol' alligator."  That's absurd! says the alligator.  "Come inside my cave and see."  In a few minutes Rabbit walks out chewing on an alligator bone and wearing a new pair of alligator shoes.   By the end of day Rabbit had a new coat, new shoes and a new coon skin cap, Each animal went into the cave and met Lion, Rabbit's advisor. Moral: I doesn't matter how absurb your thesis may sound, what matters is having a good advisor.

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