Monday, August 29, 2011

Beautiful Brown Eyes

In a time when time was still young, there lived a girl with beautiful brown eyes.  She was admired by all who ever gazed into those eyes.  A drought came to her region the year she reached marrying age.  Each day she would go to the river and slowly let the water fill her jar from the mud holes left in the river.  But soon even that water had dried up.  As she cried in the riverbed because she could not provide water for her family, a fish came out of the pool of tears at her feet.  The fish also had beautiful brown eyes.  His gentle voice offered to help the girl.  He opened his mouth and cool fresh water poured into the jar.  Each day the girl returned to the mud hole and the fish gave her more water.  Soon they fell in love and had a secret wedding.  Her father discovered his daughter had married a fish .  Embarrassed to have a fish for a son-in-law, he had the fish killed and brought his daughter.  In tears the girl carried her husband back in the riverbed.  Her tears soon caused the river to flow again drowning her. In death she and her fish husband had beautiful children. They are called Water Lillies. They are a symbol of true love.  Moral: Children are meant to be a testimony of true love.

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