Monday, August 22, 2011

The Amazing Dream

Many years ago when street peddlers were common, one street peddler had an amazing dream. In the dream he was told to go to the town square, there something amazing will happen. The peddler pondered over the dream, but continued his daily routine.  He picked an apple from the tree in his yard, loaded his wagon with produce sold his goods.  But that night he had the same dream again. The next night he dreamed the same dream again. Finally the peddler decided to leave the ol' mule and wagon behind and go to the town square.  The peddler sat there all day, but nothing amazing happened.  The next day after dreaming the dream again, he returned to the town square.  After waiting there the whole day he returned home.  The next morning he returned to the town square.  A policeman watched the peddler just sit on that bench for the third day and decided to shoo him away.  "What are you doing sitting here three days in a row?" asked the officer?  The peddler tells him about his dreams, the cop laughs. The policeman says if he followed his dream he would have searched for a peddler's house in the country with an apple tree in the yard and dug up treasure that was buried underneath it. The Peddler smiled and left.  He went home and the first thing the next morning he dug up the treasure under his tree.  He is now a rich man. Moral: Follow your Dreams

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