Monday, August 8, 2011

A Man Named "Time"

There once was a rich man named Time.  He had more money, more cattle, more grain, more of everything than anyone in all of Africa.  His reputation was known from Timbuktu to Accra.  Distant tribes sent messengers to meet Time.  It was said that "A man who hadn't seen Time hadn't really lived".  But Time grew old, and his fortunes changed.  Time lost his money, his cattle, his farms, his everything. He became as a beggar. Not just a beggar but the poorest of beggars.  Travelers from a far off land came to meet Time, the man of untold wealth.  The Travelers meet a beggar at the village gate, "Is the the village of  Time the wealthiest man in all of Africa?"  "Yes Time lives here" said the beggar. Once in the village they asked where could they find Time.  A man pointed to the beggar that had met at the gate.  Disappointed that Time was not the man they were expecting to see, the travelers spoke to Time. "What shall we tell our people about Time", they asked?  Time thought for a moment and said "Tell them at Time ain't what it used to be!" Moral: Time changes things

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