Monday, November 7, 2011


A skinny 95 lb man is tired of being picked on and seeks heavenly advice to solve his problem.  A voice speaks to the man. "Go and push the rock at the bottom of the hill."  Certain the voice was from God, the man finds the boulder and begins trying to push it up the hill.  The man pushes all day but the boulder does not move. The next morning the voice speaks to him again, "Go an push the rock at the bottom of the hill.  Again the man pushes the boulder but it does not move.  Day after day, week after week, month after month the man pushes the rock.  After a year of pushing that boulder, the man once again seeks heavenly advice. "I asked you to help me with by problem and you sent me to push a rock, I have done it without question. But I don't see why you keep telling me to push a rock that will not budge."  The voice spoke to the man again. "Look in the mirror."  In the mirror was a strong man with ripped muscles. in a year pushing that rock caused a transformation in his body.  The voice spoke again and said, "I had you push the rock not because I wanted the  rock to be changed, but that you could be changed!" Moral: Many obstacles in your life are there to transform your life, not for you to transform them.

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