Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Frog and the Bucket of Milk

A young frog was exploring the farm where he lived when he accidentally jumped into a bucket of fresh milk.  
At first the frog took a swim in the strange white water.  After a little while he decided to jump out of the bucket.  But the frog couldn't get a good grip from the bottom of the bucket or from its sides.  Soon he began to fear that he would never get out. He would never see his family again.  But the frog kept trying to jump out.  After some time, the frog was ready to quit and sink to the bottom of bucket and die.  He began to think about all the things he had never done.  He thought about his family.  So the frog kept on trying, He kept on jumping.  The more he jumped and kicked the harder and thicker the milk became, but he would not quit.  After a while all that kicking and jumping churned the milk into butter and that frog jumped out of that bucket on to dry land.  Moral: Never Give Up!

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