Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wisdom's Well

There was a kingdom long ago which had a wise King and Queen.  They ruled the people with wisdom and love. Those who lived in the kingdom prospered.  One subject despised the King and Queen and vowed to destroy their kingdom. Because of the man's treachery, the King exiled him from the kingdom. During his travels he discovered a magic potion that caused insanity to those who ingested it. Wanting revenge against the King he poisoned the kingdom's well with plant.  So all the people became crazy. But the King and Queen drank from a private well and remained wise.  The people now all insane believed that the King and Queen had become mad.  The people no longer respected and obeyed the couple. The Couple soon learned that the water was making the people mad. They decided they had two choices, to drink the poisoned water and become like the others, or remain wise and continue to drink from their well.  Question? Is it better to be wise alone or mad with others?

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