Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Healer

A man shows up in a small town, but the people there had already heard about this man.  He was said to be a healer, he could place his hands on someone and instantly they would be healed.  As soon as the people of this town heard he was in town, they began to line up hoping for a miracle.  The man soon came out to the crowd, healing those who asked.  A homeless man asks the Healer to touch him and give him the ability to read.  The man told the Healer because he couldn't read he couldn't get any work, and his life had no hope with out being able to read. The Healer reached out and placed his hand on his head and prayed for the man to recieve the ability to read.  Grateful the man went away.  A year passed and the Healer returned to same small town.  Once again crowds began to gather to be healed.  The Healer was praying and healing those who were sick, when a voice cried out "HE IS A FAKE!" The voice declared "This man is a Charlatan, he can't heal anyone."  The Healer was looking through out the crowd for man behind the voice.  In the back was a well dressed man.  "Do I know you Sir? "asked the Healer?  "A year ago I came to you for prayer, I asked you to give me the ability to read.  Since that time I have read all kinds of magazine and newspaper articles, and scientific research available about divine healing.  According to all I have read You are a fake!  Moral: Real life can be more amazing and difficult to believe than made-up stories.

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