Monday, October 10, 2011

The Hunter and the Crocodile

Donso the hunter was coming back from a hunt when he came across Bamba the Crocodile and his family returning from vacation.  The Crocodiles had been out of the water far too long and needed help to return to the river.  "Can you return us to our home in the river?', asked Bamba.  "I cannot, you crocodiles have a reputation for biting people in the river.  That is a chance I dare not take."  Bamba and his family began to cry.  Moved by the crocodiles tears Donso finally agreed to carry them to river.  He stacked all five crocodiles on top of each other.  Bamba was on the bottom and the baby was on the top. He tied them together and carried them to the river on his head.  Bamba asked Donso to carry them deeper into the river where the current was strongest.  Now in the deep water Bamba took Donso's arm in his mouth and refused to let it go.  The Donso and Bamba both argued for a long time about right and wrong.  Soon Cow,  Horse, Guinea Fowl came to the river to drink.  Donso asked them for help, but each had been disrespected by Man and refused to help.  Finally the clever Hare came to the river.  He listened to Donso's plea for help and explanation for his predicament.  The Hare rounded over on the ground laughing.  "No one your size could put a load of crocodiles on his head. I don't believe it."  "It is true", Bamba insisted.  "Bamba show me how he did it", said Hare.  They all came out of the river and Donso stacked and tied them up just like before.  Hare said to the hunter, "Now take your crocodiles home to your family and make a great feast.  Grateful, Donso invited Hare come his village for the celebration. As Donso entered the village a man told him that his wife had become very ill, and only the tears of a crocodile could save her. Donso then turned to Bamba and promised to free his family in exchange for a few of their tears.  The crocodiles begin to cry tears of joy which the hunter collected and ran home to save his wife. Moral: We must live in harmony each other because need one another to survive.

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