Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Journey

There were two friends on a long journey.  While walking by the beach one of the friends offended the other.  The offended friend was both hurt and angry.  He responded by writing "Today my friend has offended me."   Soon the waves washed the words away and the two continued on their journey. While crossing  a dangerous mountain pass the offended friend slipped and almost fell to his death, but his friend caught him and saved him.  He took a stone and carved in the mountain "Today my Friend Saved My Life"  Confused his companion asked why he wrote his offence in the sand and this comment was etched in stone?  The friend replied, " Your offence was written in sand because it would soon be forgotten, you kindness was written in stone and on my heart so it will never be forgotten"  Moral: Choose wisely the things you plan remember.

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