Monday, January 20, 2014

The Two Skins of the Spider Woman

King Eyamba of Calabar was was very powerful, but he had no children. He had more than 100 wives, but no children.  His advisers suggested that he marry the daughter of the spider, because the spider people have many children.  The king didn't want to marry the spider woman because she was not beautiful.  But he married her anyway.  The spider woman had a secret, she had two skins.  One was ugly and hairy and the other was beautiful.  She promised her mother that see would never show anyone her beautiful skin until they loved demonstrated their love for her.  She only wore her beautiful skin at night, while she was alone, never in the day.  Each day she brought her new husband food and drink and spoke to him with kindness and wisdom.  Soon the King fell in love the Spider's daughter, that night she came to his hut dressed in her beautiful skin. The King could not believe how beautiful she was in her other skin. But it really didn't matter to him how she looked on the outside, it was her inner beauty that impressed the king most. Soon the King had many children with the daughter of the spider. Moral: True beauty is visible through eyes of the heart.

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