Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Moss Covered Princess

A great and mighty King died leaving behind a wife and daughter.  The King's brother became king.  Although he took this brother's wife and daughter into his home, he treated them with cruelty.  Afraid his brother's daughter was more beautiful than his own daughter he order that she be clothed in the skin of the Nya Nya Bulemba.  The magical creature from swamp skin was covered in green moss and had long fangs.  The magical skin permanently wrapped around the princess and she was forced into the fields to scare away the birds.  The King then gave his daughter a beautiful leopard-skin skirt. Even though she was banished to the fields, the moss covered princess and the king's daughter became friends. One day the beautiful princess was captured by a large bird that carried her away to a far far kingdom in the north.  At first sight the king fell in love with her and married her.  Her father never knew what happened to his daughter and mourned his loss.  One day Bulemba met a old man carrying a stick. He gave her the stick and told her it was magic.  If she waved the stick in the air the bird would scatter without her chasing them. He also told her if she carried the stick in the water her true body would return while she bathed.  But she must never let go of the stick or the magic would be lost.  One day a King came through the village looking for a wife.  He saw Nya Nya Bulemba in the field. He watched as she entered the water and her green skin floated away.  The young king saw her beauty and took her for his wife. He did not care about the curse.  On the day of the wedding Nya Nya Bulemba stepped in the pool to bathe.  Her green skin came off and a bird swooped down and took the skin away.  When she appeared at the wedding all agreed that she was the most beautiful queen the village had ever known.

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