Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Liar's Contest

Anansi the spider had a run in with a mosquito, a fly, and a moth.  To determine a winner, Anansi challenged them to a liar's contest.  Mosquito tells a story of how he plants and harvests his father's crops because  he was very ill.  And to think he did all of this work before he was even born.  Anansi believed the story.  Fly's story was he attacked a tiger turning him inside out, freeing a sheep that the tiger swallowed whole.  Anansi believed fly's story. Moth told of his hunting expedition where he killed, then cooked an antelope in a high tree.  He was so full he could not climb down the tree to go home. So he got a rope from his house and lowered himself down from the tree and went home.  Again Anansi believed the story.  Now Anansi told this story. He found a coconut and planted it. Over night the plant produced a tree with three coconuts. Chopping open the coconuts from each flew a mosquito, a fly, and a moth.  Because the coconuts belonged to him its treasure belonged to him. So he decided to each them.  But they flew away.  Anansi told them it was his lucky day because they were his mosquito, fly and moth.  Knowing they had lost the contest the three flew away in different directions.  Now if Anansi catches them in his web he eats them as a reward for winning the liar's contest.

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