Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anansi Counts to Five

There was a village ruled by an evil sorceress named Five. She hated her name so much she cast a spell on the village, so that anyone who said "Five" would disappear. Anansi the spider lived in this village and thought up a plan to trick people into saying the word "F!ve". Anansi set-up "f!ve" yam beds near the road from the market square. As his neighbors came by with wagons loaded from the market he stopped them asked them for help counting his yam hills. "1-2-3-4-Five!"  Poof, as soon as they said F!ve they disappeared. Anansi had enough food to eat for weeks but he wanted more. He sees Guinea Fowl, and asks her to count. Sitting on one of the mounds she counts "1-2-3-4 and the one I'm sitting on." "No" Anansi asked her to count again. She moved from one mound to another and counted "1-2-3-4 and the one I'm sitting on." Angry Anansi said "that isnt how you count! Its 1-2-3-4-FIVE!" and Poof, Anansi disappeared. Guinea Fowl took all of Anansi's food home and had a huge feast.

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