Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunjata Epic: The Lion Returns

Word reached Sunjata in Mema of the Sorcerer King's evil reign. Now at 18 Sunjata was ready to return home. He had the regalness of the Lion, and the strength of the buffalo.  The King of Mema gave Sunjata half of his army. And as Djata passed back through the villages he visited leaving Mali, more volunteered to be apart of his army. The two armies met for battle on the plains of Kirina.  The battle was not quick as Djata thought it would be. As he was fighting, Balla Fasseke' his griot escaped from the Sorcerer King, bringing the secret to his enemies defeat. He gave Djata an arrow that had the spur of a white rooster. Djata let the arrow fly wounding his enemy. Sumangura now venerable to the sword fled into a cave never to be seen again.  Some believe that the king used magic to become one with the stone,  not wanting to face death at the hands of  Sunjata. As fortold long ago the son of the buffalo and the lion unified Mali, and his story continues to be told by jalis from that time to this. And that is the Epic of Sunjata Keita in a Nutshell.

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