Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jack and the Magic Mule

Jack is put out of his mother's house and told not to return until he earns his fortune. Jack stops under an apple tree. He ignores the no trespassing sign and eats his fill of apples, and then falls a sleep. He is awaken by the owner of the tree an ogre who makes Jack work for him for a year and a day. The ogre gives Jack a magic mule.  When Jack says the magic words the mule lifts its tail and gold coins come out. The ogre warns Jack to keep the magic mule a secret. But Jack has a few to many drinks and tells the innkeeper his secret. The innkeeper swaps the magic mule for an ordinary mule. Jack finds out about the switch when the mule lifted its tail in his mother's house and manure, not money came out. Jack goes back to the ogre and works another year and a day. This time the ogre gives him a magic stick. When you say the magic words the stick hits the person on the head over and over until he says the magic words to make it stop. Jack stops back at the innkkeeper's and tells him about his magic stick, and the magic words, but he doesn't tell it what it does. Late in the night Jack hears the innkeeper yelling as the magic stick kept whacking him on the head. The innkeeper returned the magic mule. Jack returned home and made his mommy proud.

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