Thursday, April 14, 2011

The River Of Knowledge

Three tuareg travelers were on a journey through the desert. As they traveled they heard a voice tell them to stop. This Second traveler asked if they should stop, the first wanted to ignore it, the third wanted to stop, so they stopped. The voice directed them over a sand dune to a river. The voice told them to grab pebbles from the river, The first traveler only took three, the second grabbed a handful, the third filled all his pockets with stones. The voice told them "They would be happy and they would be sad." and the voice faded into the wind and sand. Once they entered the next town the  three travelers stopped for refreshment, the first traveler decided to throw away his stones, but they had turned into gold coins, the second also had a handful of coins, the third shouted "I'm rich. I'm rich, I'm rich. They had each experienced happiness and sadness. Happy they listened and for the coins, sad that they didn't listen more and pick up more. Moral: When wisdom speaks listen, grab all knowledge you can now. later it will turn to gold.

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