Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Cowtail Switch

A great hunter leaves  his pregnant wife and three sons and he goes on a long hunt. He is gone for several weeks, which is not uncommon for the hunter. While he is gone his wife gives birth to the baby, shortly after his birth a miracle happens, the baby speaks. "Where is my father?" Causing the three sons set out to find their father. They soon found their father's spear and shield next to a pile of bones. The 1st son had a special power and put the bones together where they belonged. The 2nd son had a special power to put muscle and skin over the bones, the 3rd son had a special power and breathed life back into his father. On their father's return the villiage held a great feast for him. He had made a beautiful cowtail switch for the occasion. The Father decided to give the special switch to the son who was most responsible for bringing him back to life. Each son argued that he was most responsible for bringing there father back from the land of the dead. "Silence!" Their father spoke. He turned and walked over  to his wife who was holding the baby, and gave the switch to his youngest son.  All looked and nodded for it was the youngest son who asked "Where is my Father?" There is a proverb that says "No man is truly dead until he is forgotten."

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