Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Bridge

A father and son loved each other very much.  The father provided for his son's every need.  The son loved to go to work with his father, who operated a drawbridge across the river.  One Friday,  the father picked up his son after school and took him to work as a surprise.  As they walked passed the train station the son was very curious about all the people waiting on the train.  The father set up a fishing pole for his son by the river as he went to clock in.  The father told him he would come and get him so he could raise the bridge when the train came.  The train whistle blew in the distance. The son turned to the window to tell his dad the train was coming.  The father was not in the window.  The son could hear the train running full steam ahead.  He called to his father again, but his father didn't hear him.  The train was very close and the bridge was still up.  The son decided to push the emergency lever in the wheel and pulley box near the tracks.  As the son was trying to reach the lever the father heard the train whistle. He went to the window to call the son.  He glimpsed his son falling into the box.  The ground began to shake as the train approached.  The father knew he had to pick between saving this only son, and all the people on the train. With tears in his eyes, he pushed the button lowering the drawbridge crushing his son, but saving the passengers.  He stood in tears watching as the train passed by.  The passengers continued on their journey never knowing of the father's sacrifice.

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