Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Lion's Whisker

A young wife was upset because her husband no longer showed her the same affection as he did when they were first married.  She asked the Marabout for a potion or amulet that would restore his love.  He told her needed one ingredent that he didn't have, "the whisker given freely from a live lion." If she could get it, he would make her amulet.  She left determined to get the whisker. Each morning she brought food to the lion. At first she set it at a far distance from his cave. But each day she moved a step closer. Over time she gained the lion's trust and he would come out and meet her at the mouth of the cave. The next day she asked the lion for a whisker.  He laid his head on her lap as she cut one whisker with a pair of sissors. She thanked the lion and headed to she the Marabout. She have him the whisker and told the story of how she got the whisker.  The Marabout took the whisker and placed it in the fire. He then turned to her and and said, "You do not need an amulet. Do for your husband as you did for the lion."  She did and over time her husband's love returned.

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