Friday, March 23, 2012

The Legend of Mali Sadio

 During the time when time was young, in the village of Bafoulabe two rivers flowed together, one blue one white.  The river was a dangerous one, and the women were afraid to go to the river to wash and draw water because of crocodiles and other violent animals.  One day as a pregnant woman came to the river to draw water, a hippopotamus appeared in the water near her. The hippo was unique.  It was two toned, its body was gray, but its feet were white.  It had a white streak on its face and its eyes were as golden as the sun.  She was frighten by the Hippo, but the Hippo spoke to her calming her.  He offered her and the village protection.  The village was grateful for Mali, the bamanakan word for hippo.  The woman gave birth to a girl and called her Sadio which means pure.  As the girl grew she became very close to Mali.  Sadio would spend hours at the river swimming with and jumping off of Mali.  Over many years their friendship became love.  One young hunter had fallen in love with the girl, but everyone knew her heart belonged to Mali. His anger grew deeper as he saw them together. So he plotted to kill Mali.  Now without Mali to protect the villagers, the river once again became very dangerous.  Sadio never married.  To this day a statue stands in Bafoulabe in honor of Mali Sadio. Moral: The selfish actions of a single person bring pain and hardship on many others.

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