Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tale of Two Huts

There was a young man who never seemed to catch a break.  Trouble followed the boy all of this life.  Finally he set out to gain wisdom so his future would be bright.  He asked the old sage who lived near his village what road should he take to gain wisdom and become wealthy.  The old man told the youth, " Follow this road for a three day journey.  It will lead you to the village of "Hakilobalia "(Want of Wisdom).  In the village square there will be two huts very close together. In one of the huts is the wisdom and the wealth of the ancient kings of Segu.  In the other door, death waits for those who enter. In front of the huts are two men.   You may ask only one question to only one man. Beware, one man always speaks truth, the other always speaks lies.  If you ask the right question your journey will end with a great reward."  The youth thanked the sage and left.  A week later the youth returned with a large caravan.  He stopped to pay tribute to the sage for helping him find wisdom and wealth.  He smiled and told the sage, "I asked the right question!" Question: What question did he ask?

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