Monday, March 26, 2012

Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock

On a walk in the woods, Anansi the spider finds a rock near the edge of the road.  Now it was common to see rocks on the road, but his rock was covered in moss.  Surprised Anansi said " My what a strange moss covered rock!  No sooner than he said thoses words he feel fast asleep.  After a few hours Anansi awoke, confused about why he was lying on the ground.  He sat up and noticed the rock again, "My what a strange moss covered rock" he said again.  And once again Anansi  fell fast asleep.  When Anansi awoke this time he never said a word.  Instead he showed Ox the rock. Ox said "My what a strange moss covered rock!"  While Ox sleep he went and stole Ox's yams.  Next he played the trick on Elephant, and while he sleep he stole all of his bananas.  All that day and the next Anansi tricked his friends and stole their food.  Bush Deer watched all of this from the cover of the thick bush.  When Anansi saw Bush Deer, Anansi remembered that he had a big supply of coconuts, and he loved coconut milk.  Anansi lead Bush Deer to the rock, but Bush Deer pretended not to see the rock.  Anansi point "what is that?"  "I don't see anything." replied the Bush Deer.  Anansi got angry and yelled "You are supposed to say 'My what a strange moss covered rock!"  And Anansi hit the ground fast asleep.  Bush Deer called all the animals who Anansi tricked and went they got back all he had stolen from them.

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