Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jawara's Seed

A Great Chief had no sons to inherit his kingdom. So he decided to give his warriors at test to see who would be his heir. He gave each a seed. He told them to nurture the seed, water and care for it, and after one year they would each show how well their seed  progressed. Jawara took the seed home to his wife, and together they took care of the seed. For weeks the seed would not grow.  The other warriors boasted on how well their plants were growing.  Some seeds were growning into trees, other into blooming flowers. It seemed all the seeds were growing but Jawara's. Finally the day came when the Chief asked all the warriors to bring the results of their seeds to his compound. Jawara was embarrassed to bring the empty pot, but his wife encouraged him to do so. The Chief looked at all the plants and trees and flowers. In the back he saw Jawara and his is empty pot. He called all of the warriors over and anounced that Jawara would be Chief.  He said only Jawara was honest among the warriors. He told the warriors the seeds he had given them were boiled, and they could not grow at all. Only Jawara showed the integrity needed to be Chief. Moral: If you plant honesty you will reap trust.

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