Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunjata Epic: The Buffalo Woman From Do

A buffalo was terrorizing the land of Do. Two brothers decided to hunt the buffalo. As they traveled they offered kindness to an old woman in need of food and drink. She told them she was the buffalo that they seeked. She told them where to meet the buffalo and the secret needed to kill her. She told them that the chief would offer them a beautiful young maiden for a wife as a reward.  She told them that they must choose an ugly maiden with a hump on her back. Because this girl carried her buffalo spirit.They agreed and found the buffalo exactly where the old woman said. After killing the buffalo the village of Do held a huge celebration for the hunters, because the buffalo had killed over 100 hunters and wounded 70 more. The town was shocked when the men picked Sogolon, the ugliest maiden with the hump on her back as their reward. The two hunters continued their journey with Sogolon.

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