Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spread Your Fingers Before You Eat

A great hunter had two wives. He spent many weeks in the bush hunting. He always brought food to each wife. His instructions "Spread your Fingers Before You Eat!". One listened, the other did not. When the Hunter died, the 1st wife received food from all the people with whom she shared her food with. The second wife went hungry. The second wife asked the first why people were so generous to her. The 1st wife asked her if she followed their husband's advice to spend her fingers before she ate.  The Second wife  said yes, she spread her fingers to the wind. The first wife laughed and said your help will come from the wind.  Moral: Give and it shall be given unto you.


  1. This story has been in my repetoire for years and I only told it once. I had the characters as sisters and their father. You give me reseason to dust it off and try it again.

  2. I first heard this story in a modern setting and it was a husband a wife and ex-wife. Yes DO TELL!