Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunjata Epic: The Long Journey

Sunjata had become a target for the Queen mother. She knew for her son to truly be king, Sunjata must die. Sogolon decided that she must take her family on a long journey to protect them from harm. Upon leaving the prince told his king-brother "I will return!" The journey into exile was a difficult one for the family. Sogolon's hump was growing and her health was declining. They traveled from villiage to villiage seeking sanctuary. Many kings turned them away, others took them in until pressure from Mali caused them to turn them away into night. In time they traveled to the city of Mena. It was in Mena the exiled family found a home. Djata (the Lion) as he was called became like a son to the King who had no heir. Djata's reputation and authority grew. Many winters had passed and the young lion cub was now a man. The soothsayers of Mena said he would be the successor to Alexander the Great, and he would be even greater. Sogolon called her 18 year old son to her side and told him "Do not deceive yourself. Your destiny lies not here but in Mali. But be patient my son. Everything in its own time."  It was not long before these words came true.

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