Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunjata Epic: The Nine Witches of Mali

Frustrated by the young prince's strength and popularity, The first wife of King Maghan consulted nine powerful witches of Mali to kill him. The old women set a trap for him in his mother's vegetable garden. To kill Sunjata they need his anger kindled.  After Elephant hunting, Sunjata stopped to check on his mother's garden. There in the garden he saw the witches stealing gnougou leaves. The old hags put on quite a scene as they tried to runaway like thieves. Sunjata asked the women to stop. He told them not to run, the garden belonged to all.  He began to fill their gourds with leaves and onions and spices. He told the ladies to come back as when they need more.  "Your kindess has spared your life. We have no need for these items, the mother of the King asked us to kill you, but your kindness has disarmed us. From this point on we will look after you" the witches proclaimed. The old women dissappeared into the night. Sogolon listened to her son tell the story of the old hags, and pondered what she should do.

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