Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunjata Epic: The Lion Child

The King married Sogolon, and she quickly conceived and bore a son. This angered the King's first wife, who's son was supposed to be heir to the throne. The child of the lion and the buffalo had a difficult childhood. The child was three years old and could not walk. He barely spoke. The King's first wife, would often mock Sologon by saying, "I would rather have a son who walks on two legs to a lion who crawls on the ground". Worried the King consulted a blind "seer" who told him  "When the seed germinates growth is not always easy; great trees grow slowy but they plunge their roots deep into the ground". The King understood. When his son was seven he gave him his own griot to teach him the ways of a king. Even though he still could not walk this father believed in him. He told his son that every prince had his own griot, and that his griot was the son of the King's griot. It was the King's wish that this lion child would become king.  King Maghan died soon after he spoke with his son.

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